News Exercise #38


1) The reporter opened with a comment that these people aren’t smoking – but what are they doing?
2) What was the purpose of the meter that he was breathing into, and that did the reading tell?
3) According to the reporter, how do e-cigarettes work? (0:48)
4) According to the expert, what is the health effect of the e-cigarette?
5) After the second reading, what did the reporter say the e-cigarette contained (or didn’t contain)?
6) According to the report, just how much safer are e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes?
7) As many children try smoking, what is one benefit of a child trying the e-cigarette first, rather than a regular cigarette?
8) What does the second expert say ‘is at stake’?


1) They are ‘vaping’ (taking in vapour)
2) It was to tell the carbon monoxide levels in his breath. The reading he got was ‘non-smoker’.
3) It works by heating liquid nicotine into a vapour, and it is then inhaled.
4) It is similar to drinking coffee.
5) It contained no discernible toxins.
6) They are orders of magnitude safer.
7) There is a 50% chance of continuing if a child tries a regular cigarette, but none so far for the e-cigarette.
8) If people use regular cigarettes instead of e-cigarettes, they are condemning them to death.