News Exercise #42


1) What was their first, failed effort to save the whale? 0:10
2) How did the reporter explain that they had tried four times before being successful? 0:14
3) What verb did the reporter use to describe preparing the net, and what verb was used to explain the boat’s role?
4) What did this onlooker say? 0:25
“Great _________, great ________________. As (much as) frustrating as it was to watch, ________________________ .
5) Why do they think more cases like this may occur?

1) They used an excavator to dig a channel.
2) It was fifth time lucky.
3) ‘Drag’ – the motor boat dragged the whale out to sea.
4) “Great ending. Great effort from everyone. As (much as) frustrating as it was to watch, it’s just the best outcome possible.”
5) The whales migrate to these warmer waters from cold Antarctica at this time of year.