News Exercise #45


1) What is his business plan, for which he has applied for a patent?
2) How did Thomas learn these skills?
3) What are the job titles of the three boys at 1:00?
4) How does he explain why they have an advantage?
“Kids, personally, are ______ ________, because, you know, they ______ ______ ______ _____ ______ _______ _______ yet…
5) At 1:48, what expression is used to say “child”?
6) What is Kiowa’s dream?


1) Trying to make 3D printing faster, more reliable. His goal is to make it 10 times faster than current 3D printers.
2) He is self-taught.
3) CEO, CFO and Director Of Marketing, and Head Of Sales.
4) “Kids, personally, are more creative, because, you know, they haven’t been boxed in by the world yet…
5) Pint-sized
6) Kiowa’s dream is to become a zoologist while making Boo Boo Brands into a household name.