News Exercise #68

1) According to the reporter, what was the main cause of the conflict in the Congo?
He said that the conflict was about controlling the mine (0:14-0:16), and therefore controlling the natural wealth of the country (03:35-0:42). He also said at 1:35 that gold had fueled the war.

2) Who controls the mine now, and how does the system work?
A local militia runs the mine. They charge the locals a fee to dig, and if any gold is found, the militia takes a cut (a percentage)(0:42-0:53).

3) At 1:18 the reporter asks the local man, “Do you think the gold has been a benefit to this area, or has it been a bit of a curse?” What was his reply?
He replied, “It’s really a blessing, because there’s no other work for us except digging this gold. If it weren’t here our suffering would be unbearable. For us, it’s a blessing.”

4) At 1:43 the reporter described the workers’ income. What expression did he use?
He said the workers earned a pittance, and so the gold was a mixed blessing.