News Exercise #70

1) What comparisons were made to the size and weight of this plane?
It is bigger than a 747 but the weight of a family car.
2) As this plane is solar powered, how can it it be flown in the dark?
It uses super-energy-efficient batteries and motors to keep the plane powered at night. (0:17)
3) How do the designers increase power efficiency?
Every fitting is as light as possible to reduce energy use. (0:24)
4) One of the designers explained the solar panels. His accent is very French and so difficult to catch – but try to complete this sentence, starting at 0:29): “The film protecting the solar cells…and this one is for the wing…but they are incredibly light material(s). The name of the game is to get the very thin film, ok, and we are going to get the same property at a few microns, which obviously is a weight-saving argument.
5) At 0:59-1:09 the reporter explains how this newly developed technology is being used in other situations. What are the two he mentions?
Thin, highly efficient insulation foam, specially made for the cockpit, has been adapted for refrigerators, and will be used in social housing.
6) What will the pilots be doing during the journey, besides flying?
The pilots will be broadcasting live from the cockpit throughout the trip, and on each stop speaking to schools, politicians and the media.