News Exercise #71

This week I have choesn an American news story from ABC:

1) Concerning the measles outbreak, why is the Superbowl particularly worrying? (Reporter speaking from 0:22)
A million people will be going to Phoenix for the Superbowl, and possibly spread measles.

2) According to Dr Anne Schuchat how likely is a person to catch measles if they are exposed? (Speaking from 0:53)
It is extremely contagious, and 9 out of 10 people will catch it if exposed, unless they are already protected.

3) What is Arizona University doing to help in this situation? (From 1:05)
They are sending medical students to the Superbowl to watch for people with measle-like symptoms.

4) How did the outbreak in Arizona start, and what was the reason for it starting? (from 1:30)
A family caught it at Disneyland, and passed it to a woman who then went to a clinic in Arizona. The family was infected because they were un-vaccinated.

5) At 2:06, the reporter said: “The real concern is how contagious measles is. It can be contracted by inhaling it hours after an infected person has left the area, which makes scenarios like this one a potential breeding ground.”