News Exercise #76

1) The reporter said not all of this topic is illegal – what part is illegal?
Making false visa claims is illegal. People were told how to lie, so that their motives for coming to the US wouldn’t be questioned.
2) What did the resident of the ‘maternity hotel’ confirm?
They said that ‘friends’ had come, paid to stay here, and had their babies in order to get an American passport.
3) According to a neighbour, at 1:27, what is happening here?
They are circumventing the our legal process to become citizens and to use some of the benefits this country provides.
4) Some Chinese say that this is not their real reason. What is their reason?
They come to deliver a baby in the US because in China they are not allowed to have a second child.
5) From 2:33 – “But undercover agents have been investigating three named individuals for more than a year, and are trying to close a loophole in the law.