News Exercise #81

This week a behind-the-scenes look at the UK general election.

1) The reporter at the Liberal Democrat event says, sarcastically, “A bank-holiday stroll in Bath, just a deputy prime-minister…” It is sarcastic because he then adds a long list of extras. what were mentioned in the list?
“Just” a deputy prime minister, a few personal friends, and some cameras, and some satellite trucks, and some journalists, some spin doctors, and some interviews.
2) What expression does he use to explain that it is difficult for a regular citizen to speak with a political leader at these events?
He said, “…but if you’re a member of the public who actually fancies talking to the politicians, you’ll have your work cut out actually getting to one.” The expression “You’ll have your work cut out,” means that it is very difficult to achieve.
3) At the Conservative event in Bristol, what were the four key elements to go with the speakers?
“TV at the back, reporters in the middle, plenty of supporters and a big sign the cameras couldn’t possibly miss behind the speaker.”
4) The reporter explained why the voters have difficulty relating to the situation. What did he say between 1:42-1:52?
“The demands of spin doctors, security and, yes, TV reporters like us, can make the business of campaigning just a bit distant from the actual voters.”