News Exercise #83

1) Why do the experts not want to open the caves to the public? (Sorry, French accent!)
The reporter said that opening it up to the public could destroy it. The expert said, “We rick contamination. The climate will be disturbed so much that we would have alteration of the paintings. We don’t want to take this risk.”
2) From 1:30 the reporter described the project:
a) How big is it? It is “stadium-sized”
b) How much did it cost? 55 million (55,000,000) Euros
c) What does it do? It reproduces the most important features to scale.
3) According to another expert, why is this project important?
“It’s important for the public to see the art in the environment. You have the darkness, you also have the fresh air and so on, humidity… These elements are also an important part of the feeling of the emotion that you can have in front of the originals.”