News exercise #84

This section starts after the introduction, from 0:45
1) What are the four different backgrounds of the people involved?
An American Airforce pilot, IT experts, a lawyer, engineers
2) Between 2:30 and 2:46 he explained why he is using drones. What did are the several reasons?
He said that large cargo planes would get shot down, but large numbers of small aircraft can get through. It’s not worth shooting at a $500 plane carrying a couple of pounds of medicine. They’re very quiet, they’re hard to see, they’re hard to hit.
3) Why is Ali helping in this project?
He went to the US to study, not knowing he would not be able to return. His father is still in Syria. He said that he can’t forget the images seen on YouTube of small children looking for food to survive.
4) Where will the first flights be launched from?
Turkey, going across the border into Syria.