News Exercise #91

1) According to the report, what is trans-fat responsible for in the US?
They could be responsible for seven thousand deaths from heart disease and twenty-thousand heart attacks per year in the US.

2) What are the two opposing opinions about government banning trans-fats?
The young lady customer thinks that the government should inform people more about trans-fat, but that the government shouldn’t have any say in its use.
The male customer said that he thinks a lot of people did’t pay attention to nutrition so much, and that when they saw something that looks tasty they were just going to go for it. He also said that it would be good to have someone “looking over your shoulder”. (That’s an idiom meaning to watch what you are doing)

3) We may be surprised to find that trans-fat is not dominantly contained in meat. What other products contain trans-fat, and why? (Two speakers refer to this)
The burger chef said that it was also found in bread; used as a stabilizer and preservative. The National Restaurant Association person said that there was no good alternative.