News Exercise #92

This week I have chosen a light topic. Sir David Attenborough is a very popular wildlife documentary maker, who has been on TV since before I was born.

1) What did President Obama say to Attenborough when they first sat down?
He said, “Sir David Attenborough, as I was telling you on our walk over, I have been a huge admirer of your work for a very long time.”
2) According to the reporter, what topics did the president wish to discuss?
He wanted to talk about conservation, climate change, the need for global solutions, and the hope that the next generation will do more than the current one.
3) How did Attenborough compare children to adults?
He said he had never met a child who was not interested on the natural world, and that they understood it. He wondered how everyone loses this interest when growing up.
4) Can you catch the entire closing statement from the reporter? (1:19)
“So after sixty years of broadcasting about the natural world, a chance to tell the most powerful man on the planet how to save it.”