News Exercise #97

This week’s video is quite long, so I have selected a few excerpts:
1) 1:13 One man said that Daesh (ISIS) has shot his uncle, and the man in front of him said something. Can you catch it? If so, what does he mean?
He said “No good Daesh.” Even though they are of the same country, and perhaps the same religion, he calls them Deash, a word which is derogatory. Of course, the grammar should be “Daesh are no good.”
2) 1:53-2:11 He describes how tenacious the people here are. What did he say?
He said, “We’ve met people who have been hurt, who’ve broken their legs, who’ve watched a cousin die, and yet they all say that they just have to keep trying. I kind of wonder whether you would do something like that if you’d just watched a family member die.”
3) From 2:44 he describes a system they have developed for helping each other. Can you explain it?
They have ‘spotters’ who watch where the police are located and then phone to their friends to let them know when it is safe to cross.
4) 6:30 “Really interesting watching how the police do this. They’re not racing after everybody; they know there are simply too many people in there. They’re just grabbing handfuls where they can, but they also know, and they’ve said to us, that at the end of the night some people, a few dozen perhaps, will have made it through, and they don’t seem to mind.”