OFAH: Del’s gambling problem

“Granddad” especially uses an East London dialect. There are many cases of “was” instead of “were”, “don’t” instead of “doesn’t” and “me” instead of “my”.

Del: Oh well , you win some, you lose some; nothing ventured nothing gained; ; boeuf à la mode, as the French say.
Rodney: What’s wrong, Del?
Del: Wrong? Nothing’s wrong. Things couldn’t be better, Rodney. This time next year we’ll be millionaires. Right, get the parfum de toilette into the back of the van, and we’ll see if we can make a killing down the old market, alright?
Rodney: Righto.
Del: That’s it, off you go.
Granddda: D’you play cards again last night?
Del: Eh? Yeah, that’s right, Granddad. You know me – he who dares, wins.
Granddad: How’d you get on?
Del: I lost! I even had Mum’s lucky rabbit foot with me. Brought me about as much luck as it did the rabbit!
Granddad: You wanna ease up with this gambling, Del-boy. I’ve seen too many good men finish up in the gutter chasing easy money.
Del: Yeah, it’s that Boycie, isn’t it? You know Boycie, the secondhand car dealer from Lewisham? I have never seen anyone so lucky at cards, Granddad. It’s all for big money and all.
Granddad: He ain’t using a marked deck, is he?
Del: What? No! We’re close friends. Anyway, he knows I’d break his arms!
Granddad: Well, I were in a card school once where the cards was marked. I lost a fortune.
Del: What, you knew they were marked?
Granddad: Oh yeah, I marked ’em…I was never much good at cards.
Del: Stone me! Never mind.
Granddad: Here, this Boycie fella, does he like spinning the old coin, Del, you know – double or quits?
Del: Well yeah, him, he likes any form of gambling, don’t he?
Granddad: Oh well here Del, you try him with this. It’s a double-headed coin.
Del: A what? Double-headed coin? I thought you only saw these in them old British movies.
Granddad: Scotch bloke gave me this during the war. I remember it like it was yesterday. His hands was trembling and his voice was just a whisper. He said ‘I want you to have something to remember me by, Trotter. Take me lucky coin.’Then he… he went!
Del: What – he died?
Granddad: Deserted. Mind you, you couldn’t blame him the way them Germans was carrying on. Someone was gonna get hurt.

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