Study Apps for Smartphone

Taking English lessons once a week is the minimum that you need to do to become a good speaker. It is necessary to study by yourself, preferably every day. There are many YouTube videos for listening practice but if you want to use an app for your commute, lease check out the following.

Here are four free English study apps that I have tested on Android. I have tested many more but they sometimes had incorrect English, app design problems, or complicated sign-up procedures. These are the easiest to use and, as far as I can see, also correct.

Please note: I can recommend the apps for functionality but I CANNOT guarantee that they are safe to use. I can only say that I have had no problems with them personally. Please use them at your own discretion.
Can store words you didn’t know for later review
No testing but there is a choice of listening speed.
All-round study app.
This is good for business English, but the number of topics/words is very limited.