YouTube Video Transcription #65 Bowie/Gervais

This time I have chosen a video published on Facebook by Ricky Gervais. It is not available on YouTube.
David Bowie appeared in Gervais’s comedy series Extras, acting as a selfish version of himself.

Co-Writing this song with my all time hero & friend was the highlight of my career.

Posted by Ricky Gervais on Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Extras is a story of Andy Millman. He struggled to become an actor for a long time and finally he succeeded in acquiring his own situation comedy (sitcom) on the BBC. Unfortunately, the BBC didn’t give him enough artistic freedom and he lost control of the programme, and his dream. In this scene we see him and his friend Maggie at a night club in London where famous people go…

From 0:18
Maggie: Let’s go and sit next to David Bowie, he’s not getting any hassle.
Andy: Can’t just go and sit next to him.
Maggie: Oh, come on. Just go and speak to him.
Andy: We don’t know him.
Maggie: Excuse me. Excuse me. Mr. Bowie, can I just say that we’re both very big fans.
David: I can’t hear you, love. Come over here.
Andy: We were just saying, I’m an entertainer, too.
David: Oh, yeah? Erm, what do you do?
Andy: I’m in a sitcom.
Maggie: It’s called “When The Whistle Blows”. Have you seen it?
David: I haven’t, no. Is it any good?
Man: No, it’s s**t!
Andy: Oh. Just riff raff, everywhere.
David: Not going down too well, huh?
Andy: Getting six million viewers… I mean it’s not exactly how I meant it to be because the BBC have interfered, chased ratings. Made it the lowest common denominator sort of comedy, with catchphrases and wigs… I think I’ve sold out, to be honest, but…
David: Yeah.
Andy: It’s difficult, isn’t it? To keep your integrity when you’re going for that first…
David: Little fat man who sold his soul…
Andy: The little …?
David: Little fat man who sold his dream…. chubby little loser. Chubby little loser, national joke. No, not chubby little loser. Pathetic little fat man. No-one’s bloody laughing. The clown that no-one laughs at. They all just wish he’d die. He’s so depressed at being useless, the fat man takes his own life. Oh, no… He’s so depressed at being hated, fatty takes his own life… fatty, fatso?
Maggie: Fatso, I like fatso.
David: Yeah, let’s go with fatso. Fatso takes his own life. He blows his bloated face off. No… he blows his stupid brains out…
Linda (Bowie’s friend): Yes, Linda, I like that.
Andy: Yeah, so do I, it’s brilliant Linda.
David: He sold his soul for a shot at fame, catchphrase, wig, and the jokes are lame. He’s got no style, he’s got no grace. He’s banal and facile, he’s a fat waste of space. Yeah, yeah. Everybody sing that last line. One, two, three he’s banal and facile, he’s a fat waste of space. See his pug-nosed face. Pug, pug, pug, pug…

Expressions used:
Riff-raff means unsophisticated person or people.
Lowest common denominator in this case means the level of the least discriminating or least intelligent, audience.
In this case “blow” is used to mean shoot a gun.

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