The Flatmates

2015年1月23日より、BBCのオーディオドラマ〝The Flatmates” を掲載します。迷惑メールを避けるため、パスワードが必要ですので、クラスルームのホワイトボードでご確認ください。


Meaning of the title: “The Flatmates”
In British English, a flat is an apartment, so flatmates are people who share a flat; they live together.

Tim: Tim’s ambitious and very competitive. He’d like to start up his own business and is always on the lookout for people and ideas that can help him make his dream a reality. Until recently, he was working as an assistant manager in a department store, selling jewellery.

Helen: Helen was born in China but has lived in Britain since she was 12. She is at university studying politics and economics. Helen is worried about her exams. She wants to get a good degree but doesn’t study as much as she should.

Khalid: Khalid was born in Bahrain, but he is studying English at a language school near the flat. He is also a part-time business student at the University. He loves sport, especially football, and is interested in music and fashion too.

Alice: Alice is a nurse from London. She loves her job and gets a lot of satisfaction helping people get better. She wants to get married and have kids but she never seems to meet the right man.

Michal: Michal is Tim’s cousin from Poland. He came to Britain to improve his English. He was a student in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) school. At first he was shy and he missed Poland a lot.