YouTube Transcription #35 Peep Show

Peep Show is a sitcom about two men, Mark (David Mitchell) and Jez (Robert Webb) who live together but have very different lifestyles.
Mark is trying to make friends with Jeff so that he has an excuse to visit him, because he like’s Jeff’s girlfriend, Sophie. He joins his poker group in an effort to do this, but he and Jex have no idea how to play.

Mark: Bonding with Jeff. I’m almost there, Soph. Clear the runway, I’m coming in to land.
Jeff: Mark…
Mark: Right, sorry. I think I’ve got a pretty good hand, but there’s always a chance someone might have a better one. There’s just no way of knowing for sure. I fold.
Jez: This is it! I have entered the world of men! All I need is some beef jerky and somewhere to spit. So, what have I got? All the reds – that looks amazing! I’m hot, like Pol Pot. Squeeze me.
Jez: No, too rich for my blood.
Man: I’ll stay, friend, and raise you 30.
Jez: Oh yeah? Well I’ll stay too… friend. And when the going gets tough you need to roll out the bid potatoes. May I?
Mark: er, maybe…
Jez: Let’s eat.
Man: I’m out.
Jez: Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.
Jeff: Nice bluffing, man!
Jez: Yeah! Hey, I’m really good at this without realising how! This is ideal.
Mark: What a night! Looks like we’re going to be a great bunch of mates! We could all pile back to yours and Sophie’s?
Jeff: A bit late for you, isn’t it mate? So what is it you normally play? Is it seven card stud, Texas hold?
Jez: I just play the cards as they’re dealt, my friend.
Mark: Or, stay here and play something else?
Jeff: Shall we go for a drink, mate?
Jez: Yeah.

Expressions used:
A “hand” is the set of cards you have in your hand.
“I fold,” “Too rich for my blood” and “I’m out,” are poker terms for quitting.
“You need to roll out the big potatoes” – well it doesn’t mean anything! Roll out the big guns” is what he meant.
“Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight,” is an idiomatic expression meaning if the sky is red at sunset, tomorrow will bring good weather. Jez is just trying to sound cool.
“Bluff” is when someone deceives others into believing he will do something.
“Mate” means “friend”, like the US “buddy”.
“Yours” means “your house”.