YouTube transcription #75 Victor Borge

I have started the transcription from 5:18
Now, anyway, it is a very short opera; it is only in one act. It begins when the curtain rises, otherwise you couldn’t see a thing. On the stage are two large trees; one on this side and one on the other side. First the tenor comes in. He is supposed to meet his soprano, who hasn’t arrived yet, of course. And when she comes in later, she can’t find him because he’s ‘hiden’, ‘hidden’… hidden himself… hidden, hiden, hidden. We’re talking about Mozart, not Haydn, ‘hidden’… behind the tree. Now, she hides behind the other tree because she wants to surprise him when he comes in later, which he doesn’t because he’s there already. It’s very difficult… a cute plot. Now the chorus comes in but nobody knows why except Mozart, and he’s dead. Now the father comes in, her father comes in and he’s very angry because he doesn’t even want to be in the opera. Yeah, he hates opera, he hates music, and he decides she must die. She dies and the curtain falls, but not hard enough. I’ll take you to the opera where you just hear the overture, but as soon as the ‘ture’ is ‘over’ the rest comes right away. The conductor’s footsteps when he enters the orchestra pit. He walks sideways. The conductor’s a little hoarse! Now the curtain rises, the tenor comes in from that side in a single file. And he goes behind the tree right away. Thank you, I’ll tell him. Now the leading lady arrives. She is supposed to fill the part of the soprano. She not only fills it, she overflows it! She is a big… she is a big, er a big soprano. She is about four-and-a-half feet tall… lying down! She arrives in a single pile. Her voice reaches parts of the body other singers have never heard of. And she goes behind the tree and surrounds it completely. Now, while you are laughing and applauding the chorus has been in and out, and the baritone comes in. He finds out that he’s in the wrong opera! Now the father comes in, the il basso. Well, how low can a man get! He has now told her all he wants to tell her and she sings her death aria. To make a long story short she dies by stabbing herself between the two big trees there on the stage.