How many words can you make using only the letters in this word:

I’ll start with these:
ant, ants, art, arts, ate, action, actions, anti,
car, cars, cave, caves, core, cores, coat, coats, corn, cone, cones, cost, coin, coins, crave, craves, cast, cart, carts, canter, canters
eve, ever, even, event, events
note, notes, not, nose, nation, nations, noon
ration, rations, rant, rants, rat, rats, rave, raves
tone, tones, ton, tons, train, trains, tan, tans, tin, tins
sore, soar, stain, saint, song, save, sit, sin, stove, stave, stone, soon, son, soot, snoot
van, vans, vase, vast… and to finish for today with the most topical: vote, votes

There must be many, many more.

Please add your words to the comments section below (no need to give your real name)