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I know that both British and American speakers of English use sloppy  and incorrect language regularly, but here are two examples unique to US English that I have been hearing more and more recently. I wonder if they may become …

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Information about The Flatmates:Flatmates Introduction This is Episode 200 of BBC’s audio soap opera “The Flatmates”. Click here to listen on the BBC website.] 1. What expression used means to deal with an uncomfortable situation? Feel free to type your …

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I can only imagine that it was a telephone interview on an unclear line.

            “Pork” maybe?

        Well, this one isn’t from a newspaper, but it was certainly mass-produced. It’s from the Bible. I think the book is old enough for its content to be very familiar, but number 14: “Thou shalt commit …

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Oh dear, the headline sentence is just thoughtless.

Well, this is just totally wrong! Does this newspaper have no editor? The word should be “ambidextrous”, not “amphibious”!