Chelsea Flower Show

Last week was the annual Chelsea Flower Show. It is the largest and most famous flower and garden show in Britain, and some people say in the world. The show dates back to 1833 but it has been held in its current location, in the grounds of The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, since 1913.

例年の行事、チェルシー フラワーショーが先週開催されました。イギリス最大の、最も有名なフラワー、ガーデンショーです。世界最大の、という人もいます。


Within the show are many different themed gardens with which their designers compete for awards. This year, the “Best Artisan Garden” was won by Kazayuki Ishihara. His garden can be seen in detail here. On that page there is also a video of him explaining his garden, but it is in English.


This page shows videos of the various winning gardens this year.