Compound Words

There are very many nouns, adjectives and verbs made up of two or more words, such as football, birthday, somebody, website etc.
There are some other words that are made from phrases. Here is a short list of common English words made from a series of words:

nonetheless (none the less)
nevertheless (never the less)
moreover (more over)
notwithstanding (not withstanding)
hereafter (here after)
hereinafter (here in after)
hereupon (here upon, here up on)
heretofore (here to fore)
meanwhile (mean while)
furthermore (further more)
whereupon (where upon)
whatsoever (what so ever)
inasmuch (in as much)
insofar (in so far)
albeit (all be it)

There are many phrases that are combined with hyphens, and eventually some of these will become single words. Perhaps even phrases like “more to the point” will eventually be combined.

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