Cornish Pasty

Cornish pasties are a traditional British pie, with a meat and vegetable filling. The usual filling is minced beef, diced potato, swede, onion, salt and pepper. They are usually bought to take-out and eaten hot, very popular as a quick lunch. The one shown is a ‘large’ size ‘Traditional’ pasty (and it was very filling) made by Cornish Bakehouse in Basingstoke. They also make many variations of pasty, and have branches around southern England.

Interestingly, in the early tradition of Cornish pasties there used to be both a savoury and sweet half to the pie – for both lunch and dessert. It was important to start from the correct side!

The use of the name ‘Cornish pasty’ is protected, and reserved only for use by companies baking in the area of Cornwall, rather like the protected use of champagne, and various kinds of cheese.