Great Christmas Pudding Race

In early December every year there is an event called The Great Christmas Pudding Race. It is a charity event in which teams of 6 people in ‘fancy dress’ compete in an obstacle course race carrying a Christmas pudding. Anybody can enter, including teams of celebrities, and they race to raise awareness of cancer research. Last year, the race was opened by The Queen. The race take splace around Covent Garden.
毎年12月始めに、観光でも有名なCovent Gardenあたりで、The Great Christmas Pudding Race が行われます。がん研究のためのチャリティーで、1チーム6人で仮装をし、クリスマスプディングを持って、障害物競走をします。有名人も参加、誰でも参加申し込みができます。