Category: Christmas in Britain

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is an event held in Hyde Park, London, every December. There are illuminations, ice skating, circus performances, a ‘Magical Ice Kingdom’, theme-park-style rides, ‘Santa Land’, shops and lots of food and drinks, including bars and a reproduction town

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lighting

On the first Thursday of December every year, there is an event in which a famous person switches on the Christmas tree lights in Trafalgar Square, London. The tree is a gift from Norway, and has been given every year

Great Christmas Pudding Race

In early December every year there is an event called The Great Christmas Pudding Race. It is a charity event in which teams of 6 people in ‘fancy dress’ compete in an obstacle course race carrying a Christmas pudding. Anybody

Stir-up Sunday

Stir-up Sunday is the Sunday at the end of November on which families traditionally make their ‘Christmas Pudding’ all together, and the children learn how to make it. The tradition of the whole family making it together started in the Victorian

New Year’s Resolutions

Towards the end of each year British like to make a short list of things they wish to change about themselves. They make a promise to themselves (a resolution) to keep to these changes. Popular new year’s resolutions are to

New Year’s Day

British New Year’s Day is very different to Japan! There isn’t much to say about it, because it is mostly sleeping, to recover from the effects of a hard previous night of partying. It is just a one-day holiday, and

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time for partying. Christmas is for families but New Year is more for friends. There are many organised New Year parties, or some people have them at their home, inviting many friends. It is an