Harlow Pub Quiz

This is an example of British irony humour. It is an excerpt from a comedy parody dictionary. It lists new names for things that have no name, always in a comical and sarcastic way.

Harlow pub quiz: (noun)

Entertainment regularly held at the Essex town’s popular nightspots. The quizmaster usually asks one of two questions: “What are you looking at?” or “Do you want some?”, to which all the possible answers are wrong. 

To understand this you need to know:

Harlow is in Essex, Northeast of London. It is famous in the rest of the country for being not a very friendly place.
British pubs have “Pub Quizzes” usually on Friday evenings, when teams of friends compete with other teams to win small money prizes.
In this joke, the “quizmaster” is actually a tough guy customer, looking for a fight.
“Do you want some?” means “Do you want a fight?”
Whatever somebody replies, the tough guy will find it as an excuse to start a fight.