London Bicycle Hire

London has recently started a bicycle hire system. After paying a 24-hour access fee of 2 Pounds (abour 310 Yen), it is possible to use a bike for 30 minutes at no extra fee, and leave it at any of the official bike parking spaces around London.


They are known as ‘Boris Bikes’, named after London Mayor Boris Johnson, who has been encouraging people to cycle more in London.

ロンドンで自転車を使うことを推奨しているロンドン市長の名をとって、Boris バイクスと呼ばれています。

As well as the access fee there is a usage fee – so if you wanted to use one for three hours in one day the total fee would be 17 pounds, about 2680 yen – so quite expensive, if you need more than 30 minutes. However, if you pay just the access fee of 2 pounds, you can change the bicycle every 30 minutes for no extra fee, with a five-minute wait between changing. As users have to pay by credit card, there is a high penalty for not returning the bike.



If you are visiting London, I wouldn’t recommend cycling until you know the road system well, as London streets can be fast and busy. There are some special cycling routes known to be safer than most roads.