London Ice Sculpting Festival

In the popular Canary Wharf in London there is the London Ice Sculpting Festival which features ice sculptors from all over the world competing for prizes. This year it was held on January 10th-12th and there were entries from Africa, USA and many European countries.

人気のCanary Wharf  では、世界中から氷の彫刻の腕を競う、フェスティバルが行われます。今年は1月10-12日でした。

Canary Wharf is a redeveloped dockland built during London’s trading days. Now it is home to many modern offices, restaurants and pubs. There are occasional free walking tours showing the history of the Wharf.

Canary  Wharf は船による貿易が行われていたころに作られた埠頭で、今はモダンな町としてオフィスやレストラン、パブがあり、無料のウオーキングツアーが開催されることもあります。