Markets In London

London is famous for its many and varied street markets. Most visitors know about markets in Covent Garden, Bayswater near Notting Hill and Camden Lock, but there are more than 20 in the central London area, and many, many more in the Greater London area. Some are outdoor markets and others are indoor but with different themes on different days. For example, the Piccadilly market in St James’s Church sells food on Mondays, antiques on Tuesdays, and arts and crafts on Wednesdays to Saturdays.

ロンドンは様々なマーケットで有名です。Covent Garden, Notting Hill 近くのBayswater, Camden Lockはよく知られていますが、ロンドン中心部には、20以上、中心部周辺を含むと、更に多くの屋内、屋外のマーケットが、テーマ、曜日別に開催されます。 St  James’s Church でのピカデリーマーケットでは、月曜日に食料品、火曜日にアンティーク、水曜日、日曜日に美術、工芸品が販売されます。
Covent Garden:                                                                          Camden Lock:
covent garden     camden lock

One interesting market is Greenwich market, which has existed since the 14th Century, and is popular because of its proximity with the Greenwich Observatory and the Cutty Sark, a 19th Century tea-cargo ship stored in dry dock. The station is Cutty Sark.


Another market of note is Borough Market, near Tower Bridge, which sells foods from around the world. There is a wholesale market from 2am to 8am, and then a retail market from 10am to 6pm. The first records of a market at this location are from the year 1014.

もうひとつ、タワーブリッジ近くのBorough Market をご紹介しましょう。ここでは世界中の食料品が、午前2:00-8:00は卸売として、10:00-18:00は小売として、販売されます。ここで最初にマーケットが開催されたのは1014年だそうです。
borough marketborough market2