News Exercise #80

This week I am using an American ABC news item:

1) Listen to Martha Raddatz’s opening statement at 0:20. How did she let us know that the attack had been planned beforehand?
She said that a survivor had told them that the four gunmen had seemed to have scouted the campus well in advance, and had known exactly where they had wanted to go. To ‘scout’ means to check out and observe.
2) What did the reporter say was the effect this attach had has had on the survivors?
She said that they were traumatized beyond words.
3) The ‘most wanted’ man is also responsible for what other attack?
In 2013 he masterminded an attack in a shopping mall, and also has threatened to attach The Mall Of America.
4) What was a strong concern of authorities in Kenya and the US about this particular attack?
They are concerned that so few gunmen were able to kill so many people.