News Exercise #96

1) At 0:24 the researcher explained the reason for the ‘rhinocam’. What did he say was the purpose?
He said, “We need to catch the poachers red-handed, and that’s what we’ve set out to do, and that’s what we can do.
2) He said that the monitor will detect the moment that a rhino is killed? If that rhino can’t be saved, then why is this useful?
He said that that poachers killed many rhinos in one hunt rather than killing one and then leaving, and so after the first one is killed the anti-poaching unit gets there by helicopter within ten minutes.
3) The lady speaking at 2:33 used an idiom. What was it, and what does it mean?
She said that it was a “game changer”, which means that this one thing could change the whole situation. It is used in sports when in football, for example, the underdog team scores an unexpected goal.
4) Complete this final statement: Rhinos have been on the planet for sixty-million years. They could be hunted to extinction within a decade. The hope is that ‘rhinocam’ could help to save them.