Playground Politics in Scotland

English comedian Russell Howard chats to schoolkids around the world, asking their opinions on various topics such as jobs, politics, families. The conversations usually go off in different directions. In this scene Russel learns not to “talk down” or underestimate their maturity!

The scene starts at 4:10.

Boy 1: If you had one wish, what would it be?
Russell Howard: I wish that I was eleven, but I had my brain now and my football ability. I want to be an eleven-year-old Ronaldo, I want to be doing this in playgrounds!
Boy 2: I wish that there was no wars, no,like, people getting hurt…
Boy 1: No World War 2, or Hitler.
Boy 2: Everybody having a nice life.
RH: Yeah…
Boy 1: No Titanic sinking…
RH: Please, you’ve made me look (bad), I didn’t realise we’d be doing stuff like that, I thought it was…
Boy 1: Well, remember, it’s one wish, you have to wish for it.
RH: It’s too late, I’m an eleven-year-old Ronaldo now. (??)
Boy 2: Now your turn.
RH: Yeah, what are you going to do?
Boy 1: I think that everyone would have a home. I’m actually (??), everyone would have a home and everyone would have a way to survive.
RH: Yeah.

If you can catch the words where I put (??), please let me know!