Unexpected 2nd meanings

Some common words in English actually have other meanings that you may not know. For example:
August – of course, the month, but also “awesome”

curry – besides the Indian cuisine, it also means: “to curry favor”, to seek to advance oneself through flattery or fawning; for example “His fellow workers despised him for currying favor with the boss.”

pepper – from the verb “to pep” meaning to make something become lively, spirited; for example, “We need something to pep up this party.”

wait – apart from the usual verb, it is also another verb meaning “to serve on somebody”, and this is where the word “waiter” comes from. There are also several other related meanings.

foil – it is a thin metal, such as aluminium foil, or gold foil, but it also means “to prevent success”; for example, “The robber’s plan was foiled by the keen-eyed security guard.”

I shall be adding more words to this in future.

By the way, these words are known as “homonyms”. In fact , most English words are homonyms.
If two words have the same pronunciation but different spellings and different meanings, they are called “homophones” (such as great/grate, roll/role), and words that have the same spelling but more than one pronunciation (like bass, read, wind) are called “homographs”.

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