YouTube Transcription #23 College Humor

“College Humor” is a YouTube channel of original comical videos.

Ok, one hour to the show. Is everyone ready to go?
I’ve just gotta be quick and them I’ll be ready.
Oh, as long as we’re waiting, I’m gonna pop off a quick email.
No, we’re not waiting that long.
Ok, let me know when we’re actually ready.
We’re actually ready right now. Don’t get comfortable.
Alright, let’s do it. Are we ready?
I’ve just gotta put my shoes on.
Be one second.
Ok, if (Pat?)’s gonna take this long I’m gonna make myself a cup of tea.
And done. Are we ready to go?
Just gotta put my shoes on.
Emily are you ready?
I’m almost ready. Let me know when everyone else is ready.
We are. We’re all ready.
Katie doesn’t look like she’s ready.
I’ve just gotta put my shoes on.
Then do it! Emily, we’re all ready to go.
Ok, I’m ready. Where’s Trap?
What the hell? He was just here.
I bet he already went down. I’ll go check.
Sorry, sorry. I saw Adam was dressed nicely so I thought I should change. Are we ready to go?
We’re ready but Katie’s gone.
He wasn’t down there.
It’s fine, we’re all ready. He’s right there.
****! Where the hell’s Trap?
I’m right here.
But where’s Adam?
And also where’s Trap?
Ok, let me know when we’re actually ready.
Don’t get too comfortable, we’re leaving as soon as we find him.
Ok, I’m just gonna…
Sorry guys. We saw Katie’s jacket so we figured we should get our jackets.
We figured while everyone else was getting ready.
We are ready!
Great, I’m ready.
I’m ready.
I’m ready.
We’re all ready.
Crap, I left my phone over there. Nobody move. I’m not even turning around. Just stay put. Emily, don’t get tea. Don’t get jackets or shoes. I’m just gonna grab it, turn…
Here you go.
I thought we were ready!
Yeah we are ready.
I’m ready.
Yeah, I’m ready.
I’ve just gotta put my shoes on.
Ok, great, then we’re leaving.
Yeah, let’s go.
Like right this second. Here we go.
Like now, right now?
Yes. Right now now. Let’s go.
I left my shoes in the other room.


Expressions used:

Yep=yes, very casual
Gonna= going to
pop off = quickly send, quickly go
“What the hell?” is a general exclamation of disbelief or frustration
“I bet” means “I’m sure”
Figure= suppose
stay put=don’t move
Grab= get, fetch, pick up