Alan Partridge

There are three series of Alan Partridge, created and played by Steve Coogan.

Steve Coogan 制作、主演のAlan Partridge は 3シリーズあります。

Series 1 – “Knowing Me Knowing You”

Alan Partridge is a BBC TV chat show host. The show looks like a real chat show but it is all fictional. He isn’t good at the job, and always either angers his guests or gets angry himself.

シリーズ1 BBC TV トークショーで司会を務めていますが(実際の番組のように見えますが、フィクションです)、いつもゲストを怒らせるか、自分自身が怒ってしまいます。

Series 2 – “I’m Alan Partridge”

He lost his job with the BBC and works part-time as a 4am-local- radio presenter. He has recently divorced and lives in a hotel. During the series he continuously makes efforts to get a new contract with the BBC, but is unsuccessful.

シリーズ2 BBCを解雇され、ローカルラジオのプレゼンターとして朝4時の番組を担当しています。離婚し、ホテル住まいです。BBCに戻ろうとしますが、上手くいきません。

Series 3 – “Mid-Morning Matters”

Alan has finally given up trying to get back into the BBC, and seems to have accepted his future as a non-primetime, local radio presenter.

シリーズ3 BBCに戻ることをあきらめ、ローカルラジオでの未来を受け入れているようです。


Here is a scene in his hotel:

Here is a scene on his radio show: