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YouTube Transcription #5 “Only Fools And Horses”

Here is a scene from Only Fools And Horses, which was possibly the most successful situation comedy ever in Britain, starring David Jason. Delboy: It’s going really well out there, he ,he, he, he. Had to come and open another

Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight Sweetheart stars Nicholas Lyndhurst (see blog for “Only Fools And Horses”). It is a comedy romance/science fiction/fantasy story in which the main character, Gary Sparrow, finds that he can time-travel back to the Second World War in East London. He freely

The Brittas Empire

Gordon Brittas (acted by Chris Barrie, see blog for Red Dwarf) is the manager of a sports centre. He pays a lot of attention to small details and unnecessary rules, annoying everyone. He never listens to anybody else, because he

Alan Partridge

There are three series of Alan Partridge, created and played by Steve Coogan. Steve Coogan 制作、主演のAlan Partridge は 3シリーズあります。 Series 1 – “Knowing Me Knowing You” Alan Partridge is a BBC TV chat show host. The show looks like a real


Extras is, in my opinion, the best British sitcom. It was co-written, co-produced and co-starring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (see blog post for The Office). Merchant appears in his own show for the first time, and his character became


Emmerdale is Britain’s second-longest running soap opera. It follows the quiet, peaceful lives of people on a farm in in the nearby fictional village of Emmerdale, in Yorkshire. The focus is on country life and family relationships. Originally the show

The Thin Blue Line

Rowan Atkinson stars as Police Inspector Raymond Fowler in a small town with not much crime. He is an old-fashioned and very formal officer, and is not very aware of contemporary, multicultural Britain. He is serious about his job, and