The Brittas Empire

Gordon Brittas (acted by Chris Barrie, see blog for Red Dwarf) is the manager of a sports centre. He pays a lot of attention to small details and unnecessary rules, annoying everyone. He never listens to anybody else, because he is so sure that he knows best – but he doesn’t!  His sports centre has often ended with a lot of damage, and many people injured – but he never thinks that he was responsible.

Gordon Brittas は、スポーツセンターの所長です。細かいことや不必要な規則にうるさく、皆を不愉快にしますが、自分が正しいと思い込み、人の意見を聞きません。そしていつも施設が壊れたり、けが人が出たりしてしまいますが、彼の責任だったとは思わないのです。