Dad’s Army

Dad’s Army, made between 1968 and 1977, is set during World War II, in which most men have been sent to fight, leaving only retired or injured men at home. These men set up the ‘Home Guard’ to look out for and defend against German soldiers if they reach their town. The Captain, a bank manager named Mainwaring, had always wanted to be an army officer, so he takes his post very seriously. He gets frustrated when the others do not take it seriously.
Dad’s Army は、1968-1977に放送された、第二次大戦中を舞台としたSit Comです。ほとんどの男性が戦争に送られ、高齢者など残った男性には、ドイツ軍の上陸に備え、国内で訓練が行われます。ずっと軍の上層部になりたかったHome Guard 隊長の銀行支配人、Mainwaringの真剣さ、他メンバーの不真面目さを愉快に描いています。Dad’s Armyより1シーンをご紹介します。