One Foot In The Grave

Filmed between 1990 and 2000, One Foot In The Grave features Victor Meldrew is retired and doesn’t really know how to use his time. He has trouble with modern thinking. he doesn’t ever keep quiet when he sees what he thinks of as injustice or rudeness, and the result is that people get very angry back at him. His catch phrase, used to express his disappointment at the modern lifestyle, is “I don’t believe it!”

定年退職したVictor Meldrew は、曲がったことや無礼なことが大嫌いで、それらに遭遇すると、見てみぬふりができません。怒ったり、上司を呼べ、と苦情が始まりますが、時には逆に痛めつけられることも。彼のお決まりの台詞は、I don’t believe it! 3シーンをご紹介します。