Goodnight Sweetheart


Goodnight Sweetheart stars Nicholas Lyndhurst (see blog for “Only Fools And Horses”). It is a comedy romance/science fiction/fantasy story in which the main character, Gary Sparrow, finds that he can time-travel back to the Second World War in East London. He freely moves between the two times and develops two separate lives, and has two wives. When people in 1942 ask him what his job is, he says quickly that he is a musician. His double life becomes very complicated when he sings songs by The Beatles, Elton John and other singers of the future. People in 1940 think he is the greatest songwriter in the world. Little by little His conscience gets more and more stressed.

Nicholas Lyndhurst 主演のGoodnight Sweetheart は、コメディーロマンス、SF、ファンタジードラマです。Gary Sparrow(Nicholas)は、第二次大戦時のEast Londonと現在をタイムトラベルし、ふたつの時代で別々の妻を持ち、ふたつの人生を送ります。1942年に戻った彼は、仕事を聞かれ、‘ミュージシャン’と答えてしまします。人々は、GaryがBeatles や Elton Johnの歌を歌うのを聞き、彼を偉大なソングライターだと思います。徐々に彼の良心はとがめ・・。

Here is a scene from episode 1, when he doesn’t yet understand that he has travelled in time. He gets caught in an air raid, and the street gets bombed.

エピソード1からの1シーンです。タイムトラベルをしたことに気付かないGary, そこへ空襲が始まります。