Interesting Words: skulduggery

“Skulduggery” [skuhl-duhg-uh-ree] (noun)
Today I was listening to the podcast of Car Talk in which a caller said that problems with his car happen whenever he parked in a specific place, and the Car Talk presenter said that he suspected skulduggery.
What he meant was that he suspected that somebody was intentionally doing something malevolent to his car. “Skulduggery” can mean dishonest behaviour or trickery.
You can hear the pronunciation here on, and you can see the history of the word here on Online Etymology.
It’s an interesting noun because there doesn’t seem to be any derivative (verb, adjective, adverb etc) and the history is not very sure, though probably from an 18th century Scots word meaning “adultery” or “obscenity”.

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