Red Dwarf


Red Dwarf is an unusual sitcom in that it is science fiction. Red Dwarf is the name of a huge spaceship currently two million years away from Earth. All crew members have died in an accident except one human, a computer-simulated man, a ‘mechanoid’ (robot) and a man who evolved from a cat. They are travelling home but they meet many malicious characters along the way – however, the main fun of the story is the relationships between the characters. They are always arguing, mostly about very small things. It was written by a duo of Grant and Naylor, and they later developed it into a series of five novels.
The sitcom was made between 1988 and 1997 – on a very low budget. The special effects are part of the joke content, as they look so fake. It stars Craig Charles, who also stars in Coronation Street (see blog post). There is currently a new series being aired in the UK.

Red Dwarf はSFの sitcomです。スペースシップRed Dwarfで起こった事故から1人生き残った男、コンピューターで作られた3D画像の男、ロボット、猫から進化した男が、地球へ戻る旅での出来事を描いています。ユニークなメンバーたちの人間?関係や会話、また、低予算で制作されているため、シーンがうそっぽいところが愉快です。このTVシリーズは同じ作者によって、後に小説化されました。

In this scene Lister is trying to teach the mechanoid (robot), Kryten, to lie – to help him become independent, and not have to follow human orders. The robot is programmed to always tell the truth: Lister(1人生き残った人間)が、真実のみを言うように設定されているロボットに、人間の命令に従わず独立できるように、‘うそをつく’ことを教えているシーンです。