The Office


The Office was the TV debut of Britain’s most famous current comedian, Ricky Gervais. It was an instant hit, mostly due to it being very different to other sitcoms. It is made to look like a documentary about life in a normal British office, but of course it is fictional. Gervais stars in The Office, and he co-directed and co-wrote it with Stephen Merchant. The Office has been shown in many countries, but not Japan. When it went to America, it was very popular – so much so that they decided to make an American version.

In The Office Gervais played David Brent, the manager of a paper manufacturer. He dearly wants to be popular, because he thinks being popular equals having respect. Unfortunately nobody really likes him, though he isn’t a bad person. The end of the second series becomes quite sad, as he loses hos job and tries to make a new career.

The co-star is Martin Freeman. After the office he starred in the movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and now he is starring as Bilbo in The Hobbit.


Ricky Gervais has made several other sitcoms – “Extras”, “Life’s Too Short” and his new one “Derek”, currently on TV in the UK only. He also made a popular TV programme called “An Idiot Abroad”. His stand-up comedy shows are very popular, and he has hosted The Golden Globe Awards three times so far.