Roast Turkey Christmas Dinner

Roast Turkey:

British Christmas dinner (on Christmas Day, Dec 25th) is a whole turkey, slowly roasted in an oven, surrounded by potatoes, parsnips carrots and other vegetables. The turkey is usually filled with ‘stuffing’ – made from breadcrumbs and spices such as sage and parsley. Also roasted with the turkey and vegetables are ‘;pigs in a blanket’, which are sausages wrapped in bacon. It is served with boiled or steamed vegetables such as brussels sprouts, mashed swede (like a turnip), cabbage, green beans, cauliflower and peas; and everything is topped with hot gravy (a sauce made from meat juices). Turkey dinners became popular at Christmas in Britain in the 16th Century, though in theUSA it is more popular at Thanksgiving.

イギリスのクリスマスディナーは、ターキーの丸焼きです。ターキーの内臓部分は取り除き、パン粉とハーブからできたスタッフィングを詰め込みます。そして、まわりにポテトなどの野菜を並べ、ソーセージをベーコンで巻いた、pigs in a blanketも一緒にローストします。これらは、ゆでた野菜(芽キャベツ、カリフラワー、インゲンなど多種類)と一緒にお皿に取り分け、熱いグレービーをかけていただきます。


Roast Turkey:


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