The Thin Blue Line


Rowan Atkinson stars as Police Inspector Raymond Fowler in a small town with not much crime. He is an old-fashioned and very formal officer, and is not very aware of contemporary, multicultural Britain. He is serious about his job, and puts his responsibilities before everything else, and pays close attention to small details that makes others annoyed. The main focus of the comedy is the competition between uniformed officers and detectives. The uniformed officers usually win.

Mr Bean として誰もが知っているRowan Atkinson が、昔気質で、誰よりもまじめに仕事に取り組むが、些細なことにこだわり、他のメンバーにうっとおしく思われる警官、Raymond役で主演しています。

This was not as successful as Atkinson’s other sitcoms “Blackadder” and “Mr Bean”, and continued for 14 episodes in 1995 and 1996.
Blackadder や Mr Beanのようなヒットにはならず、95-96 年にかけての14話のシリーズとなりました。